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the bride

the bride

here's one frame from last weekend's wedding at the very beautiful drengsrud gård right outside downtown oslo. it truly was a beautiful wedding in spectacular surroundings and i can't wait to share more images with you all. 

for the photographers out there, this image was made with the new leica m and a summilux-m 50mm wide open.

manual focus ftw.

stills from airports | leica photographer | personal

i love airports. i really do. it's such a surreal space, a no man's land of sorts. you can find everything at an airport and yet nothing. no one belongs there and everone is going somewhere.

my reasons for loving airports might very well be the same as my reasons for loving hotel rooms. i guess i find something relaxing in the neutral and temporary nature of the two. a sense of movement and order.

oh well. enough of the ramble. i'll let the images speak for themselves.

may the force be with you.

Sivert Hoyem | release concert [preview] | fine art prints


last friday i was fortunate enough to be able to shoot the norwegian artist sivert hoyem's guest list-only release concert at a small club in downtown oslo. he just released his third album 'under administration' and 250 fans were lucky enough to experience the new album first hand.

i shot the concert using a leica m9 with (mostly) a leica summilux-m 50mm pre-asph lens and i can't wait to show you guys my results. look out for a post with a slew of images from the show in a day or two.

in the mean time, please enjoy these images of some pretty exclusive fine art prints i made earlier tonight. the epson 4900 in combination with hahnemühle paper is killer to say the least.

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something completely different.


so i was messing around with this picture i took a while back and thought i'd try something completely different (hence the title of this post). :) usually i do all of my edits in camera raw and try to stay away from photoshop as much as possible. nothing against photoshop, it's just that i prefer the clean workflow of camera raw.

not this time.

i wanted a kind of worn, faded look...with the lovely artifacts of the analog world - light leaks, grain, texture. it took me three different pictures to blend from, two files for texture, grain from color fx pro and everything else in photoshop. the file almost reached 1 gigabyte at one time, but after all was said and done, it ended off at about 50 megabytes.

it's not gonna be my main look, but it's a nice trick to be able to pull out of the bag once in a while.

what do you guys think?

wake me up when september ends.


an early morning. still chilled by the darkness that has been erased for now. rarely are we able to succeed in capturing the moment as we see it. rarer still are the times we are able to capture the moment as we feel it.

this morning, i was lucky to capture that emotion, that feeling - a fleeting moment on my way to work.

thank you for letting me share it with you. please tell me what you think in whatever language or manner you prefer.




For in truth, it's the beginning of nothing
And nothing has changed
Everything has changed

For in truth, it's the beginning of an end
And nothing has changed
Everything has changed

excerpt from 'sunday' by david bowie