a few words.

my father was a storyteller. i remember how i cherished not only the stories that he told, but the way he told them. he made them come to life. when i was growing up, there were times in which he had to work a lot and then he’d record stories on cassettes that my brother and i could listen to. we loved it and it was something we shared and made a connection through, both brother to brother as well as between father and sons.

like my father before me, i love telling stories. stories can be told in many different ways and they come in at least as many different formats. more often than not, the best stories are those which make your imagination come to life. be it through music, a movie or photographs, i believe that the magic of storytelling is about connecting emotionally with what you see and hear...and even more so with what you don’t see and don’t hear, but most definitely feel.

for many years i worked as a sound engineer and i also wrote songs. somewhere along the way i started getting more and more attention for the images i made and that’s when i slowly but surely started taking on assignments. not too many, but enough to make me realize something important about myself - it didn’t matter if i sat in a studio producing a song or if i held a camera and made images. that place of creativity inside of me bursts either way; that urge to make magic happen, to capture the unique moments and the personality of my clients - it all drew from a place of storytelling within me.

these days i make more images than music, but i still do both and i find that they compliment each other perfectly.

i don’t limit myself to only photographing weddings, but i very much enjoy shooting them. love is a beautiful thing and a wedding is an excellent way of celebrating just that. one of my favorite songwriters, in one of my favorite bands...by far...said it perfectly: all you need is love. love is all you need. being able to partake in that celebration and even document it artistically, is something i’m very passionate about.

please get in touch and let me know how i may be of service to you. i’m fluent in both norwegian and english, so feel free as to what language you’re most comfortable with.