something completely different.


so i was messing around with this picture i took a while back and thought i'd try something completely different (hence the title of this post). :) usually i do all of my edits in camera raw and try to stay away from photoshop as much as possible. nothing against photoshop, it's just that i prefer the clean workflow of camera raw.

not this time.

i wanted a kind of worn, faded look...with the lovely artifacts of the analog world - light leaks, grain, texture. it took me three different pictures to blend from, two files for texture, grain from color fx pro and everything else in photoshop. the file almost reached 1 gigabyte at one time, but after all was said and done, it ended off at about 50 megabytes.

it's not gonna be my main look, but it's a nice trick to be able to pull out of the bag once in a while.

what do you guys think?