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i needed new brakes. the old ones just didn't do what they were supposed to do anymore. major bummer. the replacement brakes are expensive, but less expensive than the alternative, i guess. driving with failing brakes might just ruin your day, if you get where i'm going...bad joke - sorry about that. ;)

as you probably can tell, it's my iphone doing the talking yet again. what can i say? i'm in a black and white kind of mood. it's fall. it's raining. the world is monochrome, these days. the leaves have fallen. the trees are naked. the love has grown cold. quite pretentious written, you might think. in which case i apologize politely and quitely ask you to keep calm and carry on.

it's late. i should not update my blog when it's this late. who knows what i might write? what secrets might be exposed, what stories might be told?

i guess the only story that's being told here tonight, is that of the replacement of my brakes. a very, very good friend helped me out. i'm grateful. you know who you are, so look out for a surprise in the days to come! but that's all i'm saying right now. it wouldn't be a surprise if i said anything more, would it...?

as always, i love to hear your comments and i like your like's. keep 'em coming.





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