10 views of room 422.


i've always enjoyed hotel rooms although i'm not quite sure why. they're stereotypical, sort of neutral and very contemporary - qualities i don't necessarily appreciate in any other areas of my life. but - when it comes to hotel rooms, i like it...i'll even go as far as to say i dig hotel rooms.

the vibe of a hotel - a luxury hotel, a trashy motel, a brothel - is kind of refreshing. it inspires me to be creative. maybe it's the traces of the people that's been there before me - i'm talking about the wear and tear of usage...it has to be clean - or maybe it's the atmosphere void of personality that attracts me.

i spent last night at a typical business class hotel in a small town called tønsberg here in norway. i stayed in room 422. it wasn't a great room, but it wasn't too shabby either. it hadn't been refurnished in a while and the people who had been there before me had used it for what it was worth.

with a few miutes to kill before heading out for a dinner with colleagues, i deceided to create a little photo essay using my iphone 4. i used an app called 'hipstamatic', which is really cool, but unfortunately used a little too much by a little too many. although you can change the look dramatically by switching around both lenses and film, among other things, most people don't and thus create a stereotypical (that word again) look.

i chose black & white to remove the distraction of color from these images and simply love the fact that they are squares. i know i can crop regular 35mm frames, but it would be awesome owning a camera that creates square photographs from the get-go.

what do you guys think? what feelings do these images invoke? as always i'd love to hear you thoughts and feel free to leave a comment either here or there - wherever that may be. oh...and if you click on the images, you'll se even larger versions.


do not disturb


problem solver


no alarms






take out the trash




row of coat hangers