miniature photography | paris.


earlier this year i went to paris, france for the first time and while i wasn't initially very impressed with the city, it sure grew on me. the atmosphere, the cuisine and the many, many great photographic opportunities there, instantly made me want to go back and roam the streets looking for moments to capture.

i've always been fascinated by miniatures and dioramas so i thought i ought to attempt a little project on the subject matter. i posted a little 'spoiler' earlier on this site using an image from new york city and that's from a series coming up a bit later on. i've got new york, london, rome and oslo in the works, so stay tuned.

if you're interested in buying prints from this series, i'll be selling exclusive original photographic prints under acrylic glass in a variety of sizes starting at 30x30cm/NOK 990,- including sales tax ready to hang on your wall - gallery style! send me en email or personal message if interested.

as always i'd love to hear what you all think, so please leave me a message here or there in whatever language works for you. i'll get it translated. ;)