this post was supposed to contain images from my stay at a seaside resort over the weekend, but ended up heading into the woods - quite literally.

on my way to the infamous resort, i found myself driving through a very middle earth kind of forrest (hence the title of the post - 'entmoot') and i simply had to pull over in order to make some photographs (not to mention nearly getting run over, but that's another story). i have to admit i'm very much an urban kind of guy. i definitely respect the nature photographers out there and although i do not consider myself one of them, i've really enjoyed [the photographs i've made] this fall. i've been able to make some photographs i'm very proud of.

now - i'm not saying i'm proud of them to blow my own horn, but simply because they came out as i had envisioned them. that is a remarkably good feeling and one that i could easily get used to! ;)

in the four pictures i've posted here you can see i've experimented with different points of view as well as the depth of field. i'm a big fan of selective focus and thus prefer 'fast glass', (lenses capable of apertures larger than f2) in order to create the 'look' i'm after. 'the look' meaning letting a lot of light into the camera and, as a byproduct, achieving a very narrow depth of field with a smooth, creamy out-of-focus area. a little tech-talk there for those of you who might be interested.

last, but not least, i'm doing a lot of experimenting these days with different treatments of my pictures. i've been working on my portfolio for some time now and plan to get it out there as soon as possible, but being the creative soul that i am, my ideals for how i want my work to look is evolving rapidly. on the bright side of things, i'm broadening my horizon and also the way that i work. unfortunately my skills aren't improving as fast as i want them to. you might say i'm a bit restless when it comes to seeing results of the labor i've invested...

what do you guys think think of the pictures?