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(i got busted while shooting this one. whatever.)

(i got busted while shooting this one. whatever.)

traveling sets me free. the camera records the process.
— morgan sikkerboel // stereosaint

if you've been following me here or on instagram, you've probably noticed that i love to travel. there's something about leaving everything behind for whatever amount of time and more often than not, however, i need some sort of reason to book tickets, hotels and least favorite part of the process - easily.

the moment i get on the plane, this overwhelming sense of freedom seeps into my soul. it's quite beautiful, really. (to be completely honest with you: getting off the plane and arriving at my destination feels even better...but you get the point.)

this time around i got to travel to london for a couple of days. the reason i went in the first place was to attend a concert with a certain jack white at the hammersmith apollo. i didn't get to go when he played in oslo last year and when i got a ticket to this show i knew the musician in me wanted that treat. i was never a huge fan of the white stripes, but his solo efforts have piqued my interest for sure. especially his solo debut album 'blunderbuss' was right down my alley. the show? like a lot of great performers he seems to tire easily of his own work and either speeds through the parts that don't interest him as much any more or slips into a jam halfway through a song never to return to it again. either way it was a great performance and the experience gave me what i wanted it to.

i digress, as per usual, while writing these posts. ha! where was i? ah yes - london. i know what you are thinking: there's really no need for an excuse to go to london. be that as it may. all i know is that i arrived on wednesday, saw the show on thursday and i flew back to oslo on friday. so let me put it like this: if i didn't sleep, i was walking the streets of 'the smoke' with my leica rangefinder camera and a 35mm lens. my heart/eyes wide open.

with regards to the result of my little's always hard to choose what pictures to show (not to mention how many). i tend to post just a select few on here with the intention of posting more later on (which never happens, for some reason...). this time around i'm thinking i might as well post a generous batch. so...before i change my mind: get 'em while they're fresh and plentiful. ;)

as always i'd love to know what you think in the comments section or elsewhere. i'm planning on selling a few framed gallery-quality prints of a few select images later this year, so if you're interested send me a message and i'll put you on the list - or just send me a message. communication is gold.

- stereosaint -

where there's smoke, there's fire | portraits | wedding photography

attempting to capture the soul of a person, to freeze it for a fraction of a second - that’s true alchemy.
— morgan sikkerboel // stereosaint

i don't consider myself a wedding photographer. obviously, there's nothing wrong with being a wedding photographer, i just don't want to limit what i'm doing to that specific genre. i love storytelling. i love people. i love documentary. i love making portraits. coincidentally, all those things happen to be what i do if i'm shooting a then...there's that. i'm a photographer doing weddings. one has got to be particular, right? ;)

with that out of the way, here are some portraits from last saturday. six of them, to be exact. six unique individuals who found themselves in front of my camera over the course of the day. i truly love making portraits. do i portray a person as who they are or who they want to be? do i highlight what they want to or what the moment calls for? i guess my dream would be to portray a person as the person they'd want to aspire to be. i know it sounds lofty or even a bit cheesy...but images are powerful stuff. it can make or break a person's day or even their self-esteem. portraits can even have pretty dramatic consequences: anybody remember those horrible images of beyonce from the superbowl? good luck shooting her shows again...

anyway...i hope you enjoy the images and please let me know what you think in the comments section. don't be afraid to get in touch if you would like to acquire my services.

the images were shot using a fully manual leica m camera with a 35mm lens. now you know.

- stereosaint - 

shades of gray | oslo wedding photography

colors are contemporary. monochrome is forever.
— morgan sikkerboel // stereosaint

where to begin? well...why don't i start by stating the obvious: quite possibly i'm the worst blogger ever. i'm not really sure if i should apologise, though, because instead of blogging, i'm working...i'm documenting peoples lives, capturing moments, making art...and loving the process as i move along at speed of light. let me tell you: it beats blogging. ;)

however, as of right now, my blogging hiatus is over...or at least it's on hold for the time being.

this blog post consists of 12 monochrome images from last saturday. i should mention that most of my clients are my age or younger. this couple was different and thus my images reflect that...which is why i wanted to share a very exclusive selection with you. more than anything, these are images are great examples of what i really enjoy documenting over the course of a wedding day. obviously i shoot a lot of portraits, images of families joined together, friends making new friends...but those fleeting moments...they're the icing on the cake.

i hope you enjoy these images and please do not fear: color will return shortly. unless you want me to hang out in monochrome-land a while longer...let me know in the comments-section!

for the geeks among you, you might be interested in knowing that all these iages were shot using a manual leica m (240) camera. i love shooting a rangefinder and i love working manually.

until next time, keep on rockin' in the free world!

- stereosaint -