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(i got busted while shooting this one. whatever.)

(i got busted while shooting this one. whatever.)

traveling sets me free. the camera records the process.
— morgan sikkerboel // stereosaint

if you've been following me here or on instagram, you've probably noticed that i love to travel. there's something about leaving everything behind for whatever amount of time and more often than not, however, i need some sort of reason to book tickets, hotels and least favorite part of the process - easily.

the moment i get on the plane, this overwhelming sense of freedom seeps into my soul. it's quite beautiful, really. (to be completely honest with you: getting off the plane and arriving at my destination feels even better...but you get the point.)

this time around i got to travel to london for a couple of days. the reason i went in the first place was to attend a concert with a certain jack white at the hammersmith apollo. i didn't get to go when he played in oslo last year and when i got a ticket to this show i knew the musician in me wanted that treat. i was never a huge fan of the white stripes, but his solo efforts have piqued my interest for sure. especially his solo debut album 'blunderbuss' was right down my alley. the show? like a lot of great performers he seems to tire easily of his own work and either speeds through the parts that don't interest him as much any more or slips into a jam halfway through a song never to return to it again. either way it was a great performance and the experience gave me what i wanted it to.

i digress, as per usual, while writing these posts. ha! where was i? ah yes - london. i know what you are thinking: there's really no need for an excuse to go to london. be that as it may. all i know is that i arrived on wednesday, saw the show on thursday and i flew back to oslo on friday. so let me put it like this: if i didn't sleep, i was walking the streets of 'the smoke' with my leica rangefinder camera and a 35mm lens. my heart/eyes wide open.

with regards to the result of my little's always hard to choose what pictures to show (not to mention how many). i tend to post just a select few on here with the intention of posting more later on (which never happens, for some reason...). this time around i'm thinking i might as well post a generous batch. so...before i change my mind: get 'em while they're fresh and plentiful. ;)

as always i'd love to know what you think in the comments section or elsewhere. i'm planning on selling a few framed gallery-quality prints of a few select images later this year, so if you're interested send me a message and i'll put you on the list - or just send me a message. communication is gold.

- stereosaint -