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attempting to capture the soul of a person, to freeze it for a fraction of a second - that’s true alchemy.
— morgan sikkerboel // stereosaint

i don't consider myself a wedding photographer. obviously, there's nothing wrong with being a wedding photographer, i just don't want to limit what i'm doing to that specific genre. i love storytelling. i love people. i love documentary. i love making portraits. coincidentally, all those things happen to be what i do if i'm shooting a wedding...so then...there's that. i'm a photographer doing weddings. one has got to be particular, right? ;)

with that out of the way, here are some portraits from last saturday. six of them, to be exact. six unique individuals who found themselves in front of my camera over the course of the day. i truly love making portraits. do i portray a person as who they are or who they want to be? do i highlight what they want to or what the moment calls for? i guess my dream would be to portray a person as the person they'd want to aspire to be. i know it sounds lofty or even a bit cheesy...but images are powerful stuff. it can make or break a person's day or even their self-esteem. portraits can even have pretty dramatic consequences: anybody remember those horrible images of beyonce from the superbowl? good luck shooting her shows again...

anyway...i hope you enjoy the images and please let me know what you think in the comments section. don't be afraid to get in touch if you would like to acquire my services.

the images were shot using a fully manual leica m camera with a 35mm lens. now you know.

- stereosaint -