10 photographs | oslo central station | downtown oslo | norway

tribute to mario

the main focus of my last post was on different people i observed while hanging out at egertorget here in oslo. this time around my focus is more on the enviroment and vibe of a place.

the city's main railroad station is located pretty much in the middle of oslo and it's a place they've built and rebuilt numberous times. you can definitely say the place looks and feels that way also. obviously there's a huge number of people passing through there each day but it's also a place where both kids and homeless people tend to hang out - an interesting mix i know. although i'm not focusing on the people passing through or hanging out at the central station in this post, i believe all places are defined by the people who inhabit them.

these images might reflect that.

i hope you enjoy these pretty rough and dramatic photographs from oslo central station and as always - tell me what you think, click the like-button and share the love.

have a good friday. ;)



turf war




en route




make the call