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the main reason i fell in love with photography in the first place was that i could come up with an idea, and without much further ado, make it happen. i love music and i love the art of sound, but the results are often slow. not only that, but more often than not you'll also find yourself in need of a musician or even several musicians, singers and some sort of studio to realize your vision.

of course, many visual and/or photographic ideas also need major planning, a crew - think stylist, wardrobe, lighting, model(s), make-up artist - and that can be slow as well, but my point is - there's natural light, you grab your camera and you shoot. instant gratification. it's awesome...and when you have an idea and you succeed in making it happen --> you've got a one-way ticket to oompa-loompa-land.

this post explores several things i've been contemplating for quite some time. first, it's the vertical format. in my minds eye, i see horizontal images. or so i thought, anyway. then it's the look you want your images to i've stated in my earlier post i've been in a kind of black & white mood for the last few months. colors have should i put it..i've almost felt as if colors have been intruding on the motif of the image. colors have distracted me. sort of. don't get me wrong. i love colors. it's just been a thing.

then there's film. analog 35mm photographic film. now that's  c o l o r s. i'm working on a film-post, scanning frames (almost as we speak) and also sending some rolls off to a lab in the states to see what they're all about. very exciting. stay tuned for that.

but...i digress...i've mentioned format, color and last, but not least - there's how you put photographs together. when you're working with horizontal images they usually work on their on. at least that's the way i think about them. vertical images, on the other hand, are excellent for experimentation...which really is what this post is all about. see - i'm getting there eventually! ;)

enjoy the images and feel free to click the like-button, share the love with your friends - you know the drill. i'm off.

may the force be with you - always.

wood and wire

marimekko lights

shelf life

material mix

metal memories

mix and match

clean cut

nail and strings

lock and key