viva las vegas | part one


back in march i went to las vegas to join a bunch of other talented photographers, models and artists. the result is something called the film show season two by the framed network - a show about analog photography but even more importantly: photography in general. the hosts are none other than ryan muirhead, tia reagan, tanja lippert, jan scholz and jonas peterson. quite an eclectic group of people...not to mention photographers.

the images in this post coincide with the second episode of the show, where a musician called hunter burgan (the bass player of the band afi) was there to oversee the creation of images showcasing new shirts from his brand 'post war science'.

the shirts were great, the models delivered and the styling by tia reagan was in line with hunter burgan's ideas. the location? a vacant lot in old vegas. coming from evergreen and pretty norway, this is a location that really inspires.

anyway - enough talk and on with the images. here's a humble collection of some of the images i made that day.