gladys & geoffrey | new york city wedding photography | leica monochrom


i love it when a plan comes together. it's late november and i've just received two new tools: a leica monochrom and a little fuji x-pro 1. what better way to break such fine equipment in, than to shoot a wedding in my favorite city? i had the immense pleasure of teaming up with two very good friends of mine, otto schulze and steve stanton, in order to document the beautiful celebration that was gladys and geoffrey's wedding in an extravagant venue on manhattan, called guastavino's. it truly was a spectacular wedding and such a pleasure being able to have been a part of it.

for those of you interested in the technicalities, near all monochrom images are made with the leica monochrom and a m-summilux 35mm and the color images are from the fuji and the 35mm f/1.4.