sofie & alexander | ekebergrestauranten, oslo | leica wedding photography

that's what it's all about. right there in that frame. see the look on her face. it's the pure magical mystery stuff called love.

sofie and alex got married ages ago. it was back in april and in this day and age, i guess i might have to excuse myself and say i'm posting these a bit late. however - i choose to paraphrase something gandalf the grey once said: some things arrive precisely when they mean to. smooth, eh?

the truth is, i'm a bit backlogged. this, of course, is a blessing of sorts. it means i have a lot to do. which is good. but enough about me. let's get on with the wedding.

sofie & alex - i appreciate you having me along for this. it was beautiful, as are the both of you.

please leave a comment after the beep, guys and girls. i'd love to know what you think of this.

as always, my services are readily available and i'm very accessible here, for instance.

much love,





hair & makeup: tendenz hårpleie

venue: ekebergrestauranten


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