halloween - 2011 | trick or treat?


it's that time of year again. the darkness is creeping in and here in norway we've just turned our watches an hour back in order to save ourselves some more of the precious daylight - the sun is setting at about 4pm now, so that's a downer, but at least we get to see it rising in the wee hours of morning. those of us who manages to get up early, that is. not sure i can include myself in that particular group...hehe.

trick or treat - which is it? here in norway halloween is a new tradition and so far the kids seem more reluctant and/or scared when they ring the doorbell than anything else. which is a good thing, by all means. no need for me to bring out the baseball bat just yet. kidding.

in a way i feel this tradition is a bit forced over here. it seems it's more beneficial to the commercial vendors than it is the people. much like valentine's actually. who needs a day a year of romance when there's 364 more to do the most of?

dunno what that says about halloween, though. why make one day scary, when there's 364 more that's as scary as ever. trick or treat...

- morgan -