apogee duet - sound card review part one

alas, welcome the apogee duet. in addition to using pro tools, i have been a longtime user of ableton live and i also know apple's own logic studio fairly well. they are both excellent daw's and they're also very mac-friendly. knowing that a quality maker of sound cards, apogee, teamed up with apple a couple of years back and started making sound cards that integrated perfectly with os x really helped me narrow the search for a product.
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watchmen - a review of sorts.

ok. so i'm not all that familiar with 'watchmen'. i haven't read the comics which are commonly regarded as pure pop art. i didn't know the characters. i do know a little about the plot but not enough to be able to explain it if asked. sometimes, though, it's great to get your hands on the directors cut of a movie and just let it roll. which is what i did in this case. and the verdict? not too bad.
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