the sound of silence


quick fix

...or maybe not.

first, let me apologize for my silence. it's been a while and i know. i'm painfully aware of it. i've got good reasons, though, if you'd care to hear me go on and on about the immense amounts of work that has been the last month or two...or four...or six. the story of my life - work. but hey - i'm not complaining. ;) i'm explaining, all right?

this post. i'm making it for a reason. i'm not on a rant. the holidays are coming up. they're breathing down my neck like lucid electricity. i have no idea where that example came from, but that's what you get for writing a blog post at this hour.

i'm excited. why? i've been recording tonight. that's why. not original material, however, but a cover song. a beautiful cover song. and if - i'm saying if - you've been a good boy or a good girl or maybe even if you haven't been very good at might have a little treat coming your way. for free. while we're still in 2010. thats right. reason to get excited, yes?

so - let's hope the stars align and inspiration strikes like sledgehammer. i will feed the rhythm. keep your fingers crossed and make sure you come back soon.