one day in new york - part one | street photography | leica film


back in october i spent a few days in new york city, and it so happens - as it often does in that great little city - that i got to meet some very nice people while i was there. not only were they nice people, but they are excellent photographers as well. feel free to check out the godfather himself - mister chris weeks on either his site or his tumblr (he's a frequent poster) - and ze sev (severin koller, he'll shoot what he sees with almost any camera and it will probably look good). then there's the leica product specialist, justin stailey, and you'll find his tumblr right here.

the day you're about to see quite a few images from, however, started out at one of my favorite places - even when it's closed and near deserted - with a new acquaintance, andy bond. very nice. it was his first time to coney island and i'm pretty sure it didn't disappoint.

i've got to be honest with you guys - i'm really torn with regards to what i should and should not post on here. should i be really strikt and only post stuff that i'm assigned to shot ie paid work or should i post a bit of both? the thing is...i'd rather post personal stuff becuase that's where the heart is, you know? a brand new site is underway which will make all of this a lot easier for me (and a lot more exciting for you, i can tell you that much), however, i'm seriously backlogged when it comes to posting images, so i thought i'd try something different this time:

all images in this post (part one) and the next post (part two) were shot on the same day using one camera (a black leica mp), one lens (a leica 35mm summilux) and good old film (either kodak portra 160 or 400, processed and scanned at richard photo lab).

please share the love. invite your friends, order prints (these images look sooooo much better in print), comment, like, order prints (did i mention that images you can touch are real?) get the point.


thanks for stopping by. i really appreciate it.