oslo love | 25.07.11 | the rose march

oslo love

almost 200 000 people gathered in the heart of oslo. 200 000 people armed with nothing but roses. it was a lovely mess to behold.

i know - this has been covered everywhere for weeks on end. you are all probably tired from the massive coverage that has been going on in every imaginable media outlet. for a while the coverage remained an informative initiative but it is quickly turning in to a tabloid frenzy.

this will be my last post on the subject, but please bear with me as i tell you a little about the images of this post. i wanted to be downtown at this event. i knew it was going to be special. of course it would be many opportunities for great images, but i wanted to be there to experience the atmosphere. i needed to be there in order to feel a sort of closure but also to show my respect for the ones who had lost.

i hope that these images give you a sense of the event, a sense of the emotions of oslo at that particular moment in time. it was truly special. the images don't do it justice at all, of course, but at least they sum up how i felt and saw oslo that evening - full of love, forgiveness and hope. i wish it was like that all the time.

...and i still predict a baby boom a year from now. that much love and that many roses in a little city like oslo, in a little country like norway? ;)

all you need is love.

- morgan -



nice to see some smiles reappearing

needless to say - when 200k people bring flowers, they pile up...



these lined up reporters had set up camp by the court house in oslo

a multitude of media networks were present in the city

these guys had climbed up on a wall and were in high spirits

some people chose solitude

people from many different ethnical & cultural backgrounds came together

people turned the fences that sealed off the bomb site into a giant floral arrangement 

the 30-something owner of this place was killed by the bomb

one love