to be or not to be.

that used to be the question. these days it hardly seems enough 'to be'. you have to be the right person at the right time doing the right things with the right people if you want a shot at the big league.

what, really, is the right place, the right time, the right people, the right things to say? who decides? the media? the government? reality shows? friends? parents? our bosses?

personally i think the only right thing to do these days is stay true to oneself.

integrity is a virtue, but harder and harder to come by. so is honesty, faith, dreams, hope...true leadership. not to mention selflessness and humility. compassion.

sometimes i feel the need to get out of this race; an all-consuming artificial search for fame, money, success, eternal youth, position, sex and power.

we've got one shot at this thing called life. one shot at making or mark upon the world. maybe it's time to set aside the childish things, the selfish things and become who we were born to be? maybe it's time to show a little heart?

you can call me naïve and you can call what i'm about to say cheesy - i don't care, because in my heart it's real: i believe in the limitless nature and immense beauty of love. i believe in building character. i believe in eternal search for truth.

i believe in taking what time we have been given and carefully choose how to invest it.

our potential is limitless.