a post for the gamers out there.

so i just found out that infinity ward is releasing their second downloadable map pack for 'modern warfare 2' - five new locations available for download in early june. similar to the last map pack that came out, infinity ward has included two maps from 'call of duty: modern warfare' and then there's what really sounds interesting - three new maps unique for 'modern warfare 2'. check out a description of the locations after the jump.


most of of probably remember this one - russian abandoned office complex. upgraded with new details and, depending on your game type, a new strategy to explore. this update, if i understand it correctly, is in the back of the offices where it's a pretty big, open space. there's a gate there and this gate is now supposed to be open! personally, i always loved this map for it's shotgun possibilities, so i'm excited.


one of my favorites from 'modern warfare', this map is definitely an urban type map with a big Saddam-ish statue in the middle of the map and with great possibilities for both cqc as well as sniping, if that's your thing.

as a side note - why aren't they bringing back 'backlot'? that is probably one of the best, if not the best, maps they've ever had on any game in the series. that and 'burgundy' from cod2. great stuff, great stuff. but let's move on to the new maps...


this map almost sounds too good to be true. as a huge fan of old carnivals i can't wait to roam this area. unfortunately it's during daytime, as I was hoping for some neon lights (one of the good things about 'chinatown', one of the downloadable maps for 'modern warfare'). you can't have everything, right?

anyway, the map is supposed to be really varied with a huge playable area. there's gonna be different locations true to a theme park...and for all of the snipers out there - you're in for a treat: how about hanging out inside a clown's mouth or at the top of a roller coaster? you'll probably find me in the house of horror with a spas...or maybe at the top of the fun house?

trailer park

a really tight maze of narrow halls, abandoned small houses, pool area - and a bone yard in the back ground. sounds perfect for a combo of marathon, lightweight and ninja pro with a tactical knife, eh?


a completely different map, this one is supposedly a definite sniper map. a big map in the location of an oil refinery, reminiscent of overgrown with two sections: the open landscape with oil tanks etc and inside, where the objectives are located, with offices and what have you.

so what do you guys think? coming in at a pretty expensive 1200 microsoft points, it still sounds good? let's get our game on (i will pawn you) and let the comments commence...